New Driver Experience


As a new driver gaining experience after passing your test can often be difficult as some companies are reluctant to take on inexperienced drivers, often due to the insurance premiums involver. McPherson Training have formed an alliance with a national recruiting organisation who can help provide employment for inexperienced drivers seeking to gain entry into the profession. This service is expressly limited to those candidates who train with us. So if you trained else where, sorry, we are unable to help.

In addition we are often asked by companies if we can recommend new drivers (remember there is a shortage of LGV drivers). We are pleased to direct them towards our successful candidates, but once again you will need to have trained with us.

Grant Funding DWP Jobcentre Plus


The Moray Council with grant funding from the DWP Jobcentre Plus has formed a partnership with the Private, Public and the voluntary sectors to support 50 young people age between the ages of 18 to 24 to gain and sustain employment. Unemployment for young people is becoming a big issue with the unemployment rate for 18-24 year olds in Scotland increasing by 5.9 percentage points over the year to Aug-Oct 2011, (Youth Unemployment Statistics for Scotland – December 2011)

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