Have you ever brought training that did not really fit the bill? It often happens with one-content-fits-all training.

Obviously, if you are paying for training to improve your employees performance, irrespective of it being done to meet legislative requirements or not, you want the best value for money that you can get.

If you are providing the training as you have identified a specific risk to your business then you want to make sure that the risk is addressed and your employees given the correct tools to ensure that the risk is minimised or removed.

The best way to achieve both is to have the training tailored to your requirements. Sounds expensive doesn’t it? But it need not be. We are often able to achieve a targeted course for clients by modification of one of our existing courses, or alternatively we can design a course from scratch, the price of which depends on a number of factors and also who retains ownership of the course on completion. If McPherson Training retains the intellectual property rights of the course this can again drastically reduce the cost.

Our course design specialists have in excess of forty years experience designing courses to meet both in-house requirements and also to be compliant with recognised accredited organisations.

If you think this is the type of training that would best meet your requirements, or are unsure and would like to take advantage of an initial free meeting with our designers just give us a call.

CPC Courses can be completed at Elgin or on your own premises, call for details.