(For Vehicles Only)

Banksman/Vehicle Marshalling Course

Damage to vehicles, plant and buildings can result in expense coming off the bottom line of company profits. Where damage is frequent or severe insurance premiums can be drastically increased, again affecting profitability.

Close manoeuvring of large and heavy vehicles in depots is fraught with danger.

Banksman Signals
Typical risks are

  • Vehicle and pedestrian contact
  • Vehicle to vehicle contact
  • Vehicle and building contact
  • Vehicle and plant contact

McPherson Training has designed a one-day course aimed at providing a competent banksman. This course includes Health & Safety aspects of the task as well as the hands-on elements of dealing with visiting vehicles and their control in limited manoeuvring space.

This course can be provided on client’s depots and be tailored to meet any specific requirements of their depots. Alternatively it can be provided on McPherson Training premises.

Where accidents involve pedestrian injury, or even death, large compensation claims can be expected; plus the likelihood of fines or imprisonment for the employer. These accidents can be reduced or even eliminated by employing a correctly trained competent guide, or banksman, to control and direct safe manoeuvring.

The job of a banksman is a very responsible task aimed specifically at reduction of accidents and injury.