These are individual assessments designed in conjunction with you, our client, to cover areas of concern or particular requirement of your business, such as a new employee or post accident.

Ideally, Driver Assessments are done one driver to one trainer and in the McPherson Training supplied vehicle (either Articulated or Rigid, as required, although we are happy to use your vehicle if wished upon proof of suitable insurance cover).

Each Assessment is a minimum of 4 hours.

Below are some of the key components we recommend to be included as a minimum with each of the assessments done:

  • Check of licence and driving entitlement – of importance where an EU licence is utilised to drive in UK
  • Check of entitlement and ADR where applicable – of importance where an EU member state issued ADR is utilised to drive in UK
  • On road drive of approximately two hours
  • Highway code test papers
  • Tachograph drivers’ hours test paper
  • ADR test paper (If applicable)

A certificate of completion is given to the successful candidate, with a copy to the Company in addition to a written report on the driver’s ability. Marks and details of all test papers are available to the Company, if requested and required as part of the course requirement.

Many companies now put prospective employees who will drive their vehicles through a pre-employment assessment. After all, you will be trusting them with an expensive asset, which may also be risking your company’s good name and insurance premium.

McPherson Training have many years experience in this type of pre-employment and post accident assessment.

This course is all about reducing the RISK to your business from driver related accidents.