Safe And Fuel Efficient Driving

SAFED is a driver development course backed by the Department for Transport. It consists a day of assessment and training and can also be undertaken as part of the drivers CPC requirements. The two aims of this course are safety through defensive driving techniques and reduction in motoring costs by reducing fuel usage and maintenance costs.

Safer driving means:

  • Less injuries and fatalities on our roads
  • Less stress for drivers
  • Less accident damage to your vehicles
  • Less unproductive downtime for vehicles and drivers
  • The potential for reduced insurance and other costs

Better fuel efficiency means:

  • Lower fuel costs
  • Less wear and tear on vehicles resulting in:
    • Reduced maintenance costs
    • Improved asset value
  • Improved profit margins
  • Reduced emissions
  • Improved environmental performance

SAFED involves a full training day – both in classroom and on-road driving; and is best done in pairs.

With the right levels of support, SAFED has proven that it can lead to as much as a 10% saving in fuel costs each year.

SAFED is the course that truly pays for itself!

Safe And Fuel Efficient Driving for Van Drivers

SAFED for Vans provides van drivers with the skills to address these same issues, improving safety and helping towards saving hundreds of pounds in fuel costs at the same time. Up to 1000 deaths a year involve somebody who is driving at work so it is really important that company’s take this issue seriously.

McPherson Training Ltd is happy to support this scheme. Indeed we were very much involved in the initial training of trainers in Scotland for this project.

With our SAFED qualified trainers we can help you through the course and set you and your company on the way to saving fuel and money. If you think your company would benefit from this training please contact us for more information?

As an individual ask yourself, would holding this certificate enhance your job prospects.

Safe And Fuel Efficient Driving for Cars

If SAFED works for vans, why not cars?

Escalating fuel bills and running costs make this course a cost effective way of saving fuel whatever you drive. If you or your staff are regularly driving while on duty you have a duty of care to ensure that they are as safe as possible.