It is a legislative requirement that any company or organisation that has involvement in the handling or transportation of dangerous goods has access to a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA).

The DGSA has a number of statutory duties, which, if not complied with can result in prosecution for the persons, and company concerned under the Health and Safety at Work Act.

DGSA’s have to be qualified by examination, which are required to be taken every five years thus ensuring that they possess the latest information.


McPherson Training are able to offer a consultancy service to meet the requirements of road transport of dangerous goods. David Steele has many year’s experience providing advice to clients in various industries. Indeed we provide this service to a number of major companies who operate both within the UK and across much of Europe.

Our basic service consists of:

  • A benchmark audit of compliance of your business involving dangerous goods and the provision of a comprehensive initial report.
  • A half yearly follow up audit to ensure continued compliance.
  • An annual audit as a prerequisite to providing an annual report. The annual report is a legislative requirement and must be held for five years and available for production to the authorities upon request.
  • Assistance in investigations involving dangerous goods incidents.
  • Answering your dangerous goods enquiries and providing updates on legislative changes as they become necessary.

It is worth considering – would your insurance kick in, in case of an incident where you were not compliant with the legislation?