Control of substances hazardous to health regulations is implemented within the work place to help prevent accidents, injury and risk to the environment. They are specific regulations, which require specific Rick Assessments to be carried out.

In essence we are dealing with chemicals and once again the Health & Safety at Work Act requires that companies have a competent person to carry out a risk assessment. The main problem here is that specific knowledge of the substance or at least knowledge of chemical risks. The person carrying out a risk assessment also needs to understand the purpose for which it is being used.

McPherson Training can assist clients with training personnel to be a competent assessor or alternatively carry out the risk assessment requirement on your behalf.

Injury or ill health can be instantaneous or build up over a long period of time so it is important that employers get it right to prevent claims for compensation. Also note that the duty of care that you owe to your work force also applies to the general public as well.