How do you handle Health & Safety? If you are a large organisation you most likely have a full time qualified team to look after your requirements. Unfortunately this is not available to all organisations.

As we are aware, Health & Safety is a complicated business, which is often made worse by over enthusiastic interpretation of the regulations. Even if you are quite knowledgeable in the do’s and don’ts of Health & Safety are you up to date with all the latest changes?

McPherson Training offer the services of independent Health & Safety audits which allows companies to have a fresh pair of eyes look at their operations to assist them in ensuring compliance.

Our audit service is carried out by experienced managers each with a number of years of looking after engineering and transport organisations Health and Safety. They take a pragmatic view; they don’t suggest banning anything that has not been banned (very little has under Health & Safety). They understand that the idea is to keep your employees safe while allowing your company to operate efficiently and effectively.

The audits culminate in an on the spot debrief and subsequent report. Many people have the opinion that audits of this nature are very costly and it is reasonable to state that there are companies that charge vast amounts of money and don’t really deliver, we know; we have met them.

Finally, it is an old adage but true. Prevention is cheaper than an accident; compliance with health & safety is cheaper than a fine or compensation. Remember, if you are non-compliant no amount of insurance is likely to cover the claims.

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