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The manual handling of loads has long been recognised as a major source of occupational injury and ill health. Taken together, the advent of the European Directive and the coming to fruition of the HSE’s efforts to develop a satisfactory strategy for manual handling provide the ideal opportunity to tackle this long standing problem.

Manual Handling

The Manual Handling Operations Regulations provide a structured approach through which risks can be identified and corrective measures applied, with the aim of bringing about a significant reduction in injury and disablement caused by manual handling in the workplace. Injury and disability may be caused by a one off incident or build up over along period of time.

As an example, one of our daylong courses covers the follow topics:

  • Manual Handling Injuries
  • The Duties under the Regulations
    • Duties of Employers
    • Duties of Employees
  • Employers’ Liability
  • Twisting and Stooping
  • Six Steps to correct Lifting
    • Manual Handling Principles
    • Correct Position of Feet
    • Straight back
    • Arms and Hands
    • Position of Head
    • Use of Body Weight

Remember, correctly trained and supervised employees can help reduce accidents and your liability should one occur.