Risk Assessment is the corner stone of Health & Safety. It is there purely to ensure that employers have taken reasonable steps to reduce the likelihood of people being injured or becoming ill as a result of work activity.

In some cases, specific control measures may be required, in other cases just plain old common sense. Whatever the risk, or control measures involved, it is a requirement that risk assessments are carried out, recorded and where control measures are required they are suitable and sufficient. The Health & Safety at Work Act requires that all companies have a person who is competent to carry our risk assessments.

Risk Assessments are required for all work activity and in particular specific areas of risk such as:
Risk Assessment

  • Manual handling
  • Control of substances hazardous to health
  • Display screen equipment

So how can we help? We are able to provide the following assistance:

  • Training in the requirements of risk assessments
  • Training in how to carry out a risk assessment
  • Give guidance on how risk assessments can be documented
  • Give assistance in analysing specific area of risk
  • Carry out an independent review of risk assessments

McPherson Training can also provide independent H&S audits of your premises and activity with a full written report upon completion.