McPherson operate a number of successful Open Book or cost plus contracts.

Our Open Book product will typically follow the following format.

  • An initial detailed study of customer needs will result in a detailed costed proposal.
  • On acceptance of the proposal McPherson will dedicate the required resources to the new contract.
  • These resources will be supplemented, where necessary by the McPherson fleet, so that the level of dedicated fleet can be optimised.
  • Comprehensive financial reports will then be provided, showing actual performance against the targets agreed at the start of the contract.
  • These reports will typically include both financial feedback as well as the measurement of non-financial Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).
  • Finally the process will involve customer reviews where we will report on performance and table a discussion on ways to continually improve utilisation and seek efficiencies to the mutual benefit of both parties.

“The benefits to customers of such a contract can be substantial.”

  • Open Book is cost effective.
  • It is transparent.
  • It enables dedicated resources to be applied to support customer requirements.
  • This dedication leads a continual process of joint customer/McPherson efficiency reviews with the aim of maximising asset utilisation. In fact the utilisation on our Open Book fleet is demonstrably higher than any other operations.
  • The review process continually builds on the mutual understanding of both customer and McPherson’s – an essential element in maximising efficient operations.

McPherson’s have successfully operated the Open Book concept over many years now and would love the chance to explore any opportunities with you. Please contact us to see whether Open Book can work for you.