McPherson conduct business within a highly structured Quality Assurance scheme designed to provide

  • 100% customer satisfaction at the point of service delivery.
  • Reassurance to management of compliance with stringent internal procedures.

Following a thorough evaluation we took the view that the traditional ISO 9002 quality standard was insufficient for the exacting demands of the whisky industry.  Accordingly the Quality Department was tasked to develop our own in-house quality system using ISO 9002 as its basis, together with customer-lead inputs. The result has provided a potent workable tool in our quest to maximise customer satisfaction.

Our system is fully documented within the company quality manual and we welcome client quality audits

  • To provide assurance of compliance
  • As a means of continually improving the standards we are setting ourselves
  • And to ensure that our system effectively dovetails with client operations and quality systems.

McPherson Ltd also have quality accreditation with the Trade Assurance Scheme for Combinable Crops which is independently audited by Product Authentication International, covering the company’s business involving haulage of bulk grains and co-products.


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